Innamincka V2 adventure 29er - (AUD) $1899

The Innamincka has been a well received member of the Muru family for quite a few years now. But lately, we've been getting enquiries for a more contemporary geometry version. Something a little longer in the top tube. Something with more kicked-back geometry. Something that is designed around a longer travel fork.
We're proud to release the Innamincka V2. Named after the town of Innamincka  in South Australia's remote outback. On the banks of Cooper Creek. With a population of 191 it's one of Australia's most remote towns.

So, what make it different to the original (now referred to as the V1) Innamincka?


It's designed around the use of a  120-140mm travel fork and the new range of shorter stems and longer toptubes.


The geometry is more laid back in the steering. Making it better suited to faster riding and trail work.


While we didn't intend it to be a touring or bikepacking exclusive bike - it does work really nice for that.


The Innaminka a modern take on the classic titanium 29er that can handle most terrains and riding styles with an understated casual grace. And if you do want to take it touring or bikepacking... it's decked out with all manner of mounts. fenders, racks and multiple bottle cages... (just like the BNT). However we've tweaked the geometry to work better with flat bars and Jones bars. That means it's a little bit longer in the top tube than the drop bar focused BNT and the headtube isn't as tall.

Tyre clearance for up to 2.5" tyres on 29er rims or 3.0" tyres on 27.5" rims, make this a true go anywhere adventure touring machine. 


Want to deck it out a general use off road 29er? Go for it. Chuck on a 120-140mm travel suspension fork and hit your favourite trails. Want to fit a rigid fork? Then you'll want a fork with a 496mm (or thereabouts) axle to crown. We can offer ti forks that will suit perfectly.





- a medium (18") frame weighs 1735 grams.  


Rear spacing

- 148/12 Boost spacing means that you can even run the bike with 27.5" x 3.0" tyres..

- add the Rohloff cable guide kit and Rohloff rocker inserts, and you can also fit the amazing Rohloff14 speed internally geared hub.

Bottom bracket

- all our frames use a reliable, time proven BSA threaded bottom bracket. we've elected to steer clear of the dozen or more press-fit "standards". Almost all of which are known to creak under load.  The BNT and Innamincka frames both have a 73mm (threaded) bottom bracket shell.



- our 44mm headtube means that you can run either straight or tapered steerers with ease.

- want to run a straight steerer fork? Then you'll want a ZS44/28.6 upper and ZS44/30 lower.

- want to go tapered? then you'll want a ZS44/28.6 upper and an EC44/40 lower.



- "Trail" geometry is designed for long playful days in the saddle.

- front end geometry is designed around a 496mm axle to crown (rigid) fork or an 120-140mm travel suspension fork.


Tyre clearance

- up to 29" x 2.5" tyres (depending on brand)
- up to 27.5" x 3.0" tyres (depending on brand)



- our frames carriy a Lifetime warranty.  (click the link for the details)



- Seatpost is 31.6.  The difference in seatpost diameter to the V1 model is to allow for the use of dropper posts.



now standard with Muru rocker dropouts and belt drive seatstay joiner


- rear upper and lower rack mounts

- two bottle mounts inside the main triangle. One on the downtube and one on the seat tube.

- triple cage mounts under the downtube (in front of the bottom bracket)

- new "Troy Cage" mounts in front of the seatpost on top of the top tube allows you to run an accessable bottle cage while also running a full frame bag


Cable guides

 - All Muru frames use "open" cable guides. This means that there are no cable "stops" at any point on the frame. This allows you to run full housing all the way from the shifters to the deraileurs (or Rohloff as the case may be). 

If running a front deraileur, please ensure that you select a front deraileur with the cable stop built in.


Frame features

- dual ovalized downtube adds strength and saves weight.

- 3/2.5 titanium seamless tubing is your friend.


Recommended fork

- axel to crown is 496mm. 

- this means that most std 29er suspension forks with 120-140mm travel will work just fine.

- but really, any fork with clearance for the 29" x 2.4" tyres and an axle to crown measurement of 496mm should be fine.



- Polished finish with subtle sanded graphics. Nothing gaudy here.

- scuff it up? get some wet and dry and fix it. No sweat.



- Available in 14" (XS) - 16" (S) - 18" (M) - 20" (L) - 22" (XL) (for full geometry, click here)

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