Muru currently offers three (yes... 3) full FAT frames. Each frame has unique features and each has it's own special reason for being in our range. So let's look at them.


All our frames usually fall into one of two catagories. (and sometimes... both)



                                          rated frames and bikes are our expedition level models. The geometry has been optimised for long days in the saddle and expedition style riding. Typically they run rigid forks and are designed for adventure and all terrain use.



                                     rated frames and bikes are intended more for singletrack and trail riding.  (regular mountain biking) The geometry will be a little snappier. They are usually designed around fitment of a suspension fork. (the exception being the Mungo)


This doesn't mean that you can't rail the singletrack on a model that is designated "Overlander". Nor does it mean that you can't load up the bikepacking gear and hit the expedition tracks on a "Trail" model. We're just saying that each model is designed with "more" of the end use in mind. Where your Muru takes you... is totally up to you.

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