So, explain fatbikes to me?

If you're the kind of person that really can't stand people asking you questions about your bike and you really, really hate having endless amounts of fun. Then you probably don't want a fatbike. On the other hand, if you love having fun (and can cope with the occasional question) then read on. Because we've got a little history lesson for you.

Fat Bike History.

The short version is that fatbikes were originally developed for riding on snow. In Alaska. And were all hand made by small independent framebuilders. The original wheels were often two rims welded together and tyres were fat (3.0") wide DH tyres.

The market really opened up when Surly bikes released their 3.8" wide Endomorph tyre. Now there are a whole range of fat tyres, rims, components and bikes.

If you're after the backstory of fatbikes, then you really can't go past the Fat Bike History forum on MTb-Review.


Fat bikes now.


With the growth of fat bikes, many websites have sprung up. We've found that a great resource for information is the fantastic website . Gomez and the guys there are passionate about their fatbiking and are very welcoming of anyone. (even crazy Australians)

Another site that is useful for information and finding like minded individuals is on the  mtbreview Fat Bikes forum .

The main thing that has changed, is where fatbikes are ridden. Where once they were ridden almost exclusively on snow, they are now ridden everywhere. Sand is obvious, I mean, it's just warm gritty snow right? But many owners now use them as their everyday/everytrail and favourite ride.

Fun, fun, fun.


So we now know how fatbikes came to be and we've covered where they're ridden. We've even given you some great sites to check out.

The next part of this is simple. Ride.

Ride anywhere and everywhere. The world is your trail. Not just any trail, but every trail.

Life is a limited time offer. Live deliberately, ride frequently.

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