titanium frame collection

confused by the range of FATbike options? I mean... a FATbike is just a FATbike... right?


Well... no. FATbikes are kinda like shoes. Some people like sneakers, some like to wear trainers. Some people like hiking boots while others like sandals. Some freaks even like to wear Crocs. (who are we to judge...)


We know that there isn't a "one bike suits all" solution to your needs. So we have a range of FATbike frames and multiple (customisable) build kits to better satisfy your desires.


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All our frames usually fall into one of two catagories. (and sometimes... both)




Overlander rated frames and bikes are our expedition level models. The geometry has been optimised for long days in the saddle and expedition style riding. Typically they run rigid forks and are designed for adventure and all terrain use. The "Overlander" designation comes from the name given to the early cyclists that crossed Australia without roads in the 1800s.




Trail rated frames and bikes are intended more for singletrack and trail riding.  (regular mountain biking) The geometry will be a little snappier. They are usually designed around fitment of a suspension fork. (the exception being the Mungo)


This doesn't mean that you can't rail the singletrack on a model that is designated "Overlander". Nor does it mean that you can't load up the bikepacking gear and hit the expedition tracks on a "Trail" model. Plenty of Muru owners have fitted suspension forks to Overlander models, and equal numbers have done epic bikepacking tours on Trail models.


We're just saying that each model is designed with "more" of the end use in mind. 

However... in the end, where your Muru takes you... is totally up to you.



Tanami 197mm fatbikes

The Tanami brings the massive tyre clearances of a 197/12mm thru axle rear to the Muru range.


Available in "Trail" frame model.

Witjira 170mm fatbikes

The Witjira 170mm is where it all started for us and the latest models show the ongoing refinement that we are so proud of.


Now compatible with the new Rohloff XL internally geared hub.


Available in both "Overlander" and "Trail" models.

Finke 135mm offset fatbike

The Finke was developed to allow the use of std, mtb spaced 135mm rear hubs. (including internally gears models like the Rohloff and the Shimano Alfine.


Available as part of our "Overlander" range.

29 plus mid fat

The Mungo & Borroloola frames are either 29ers on steroids... or mid-fat fun bikes. Running with 29" x 3.0" tyres on 55mm rims. 29plus is a blast to ride.

The Mungo runs flat bars and is available as part of our "Trail" range.

The Borroloola runs off-road dirt dropbars and is available as part of our "Overlander" range.

BNT dropbar 29er adventure

Some people just like being "out there". For those of you that know what I mean, we offer the BNT.


A 29er, drop bar, off-road touring bike.


Available as part of our "Overlander" range. Though the fact that it's equally at home with a suspension fork kinda' puts it in our Trail range too.

So take our popular BNT and dial the geometry for flat/riser bars and you have the Innamincka.

Still decked out with all the rack, bottle and fender mouts that you could wish fork.


Available as part of our "Overlander" range. Though the fact that it's equally at home with a suspension fork kinda' puts it in our Trail range too.

Innamincka adventure 29er