Tanami trail fatbike frame - (AUD) $1899

The Tanami trail has been developed to give you the best of both worlds. The massive 197mm rear spacing and tyre clearance of the Tanami, combined with geometry that has been adjusted to take full advantage of the Rockshox Bluto and Manitou Mastodon suspension forks.

Why 197mm?

The Tanami brings 197mm rear spacing and a 100mm BSA (threaded) bottom bracket to the Muru family. Why 197mm? The answer is that as tyres and rims get wider, demands for clearance in the rear get tighter and tighter. Chain, tyre, chainline... they're all fighting for space. The 100mm BB spacing means that you can chuck a 4.8" tyre on a 100mm rim in the back with less compatibility issues and no need to build the rear wheel offset.

"Trail" specific features

1) We're adjusting the front end geometry to better suite a 511mm axle to crown. (if you want to run a 5.05" front tyre however... you'll need to look at the Manitou Mastodon Pro).


2) At the same time we're changing the downtube to reflect the new taller front end. We're borrowing the downtube from the Mungo. It's custom worked to provide more welding

surface at the headtube. This translates to a stiffer front end. Which is just fine when

you're running a suspension fork.


3) 197 x 12mm thru axle rear.

The Tanami is named after the Tanami desert in Central Australia and designed to deal with all terrain.




- a medium (18") "std" frame weighs a genuine 1798 grams.  


Rear spacing

- the 197mm rear hub spacing allows use of regular 197mm hubs and deraileurs.

- use of the 197mm spacing allows fitment of some of the widest available tyres.


Bottom bracket

- all our frames use a reliable, time proven BSA threaded bottom bracket. we've elected to steer clear of the dozen or more press-fit "standards". Almost all of which are known to creak under load.  The Tanami frames all have a 100mm (threaded) bottom bracket shell.



- our 44mm headtube means that you can run either straight or tapered steerers with ease.

- want to run a straight steerer fork? Then you'll want a ZS44/28.6 upper and ZS44/30 lower.

- want to go tapered? then you'll want a ZS44/28.6 upper and an EC44/40 lower.



- "Trail" geometry designed for long days in the saddle.

- front end geometry is designed around a 511mm axle to crown fork, so you can run a Bluto suspension fork with 100mm or 120mm travel.


Tyre clearance

- single ring front -  up to 4.8" tyres on 100mm rims.



- our frames carriy a Lifetime warranty.  (click the link for the details)



- Seatpost is 31.6.  (meaning that you can get either std, dropper or suspension posts to fit)

- Dropper post internal routing port available by request.


- standard with our 197/12mm thru axle dropouts.


- rear upper and lower rack mounts

- two bottle mounts inside the main triangle. One on the downtube and one on the seat tube.

- triple cage mounts under the downtube (in front of the bottom bracket)

- new "Troy Cage" mounts in front of the seatpost on top of the top tube allows you to run an accessable bottle cage while also running a full frame bag


Cable guides

 - All Muru frames use "open" cable guides. This means that there are no cable "stops" at any point on the frame. This allows you to run full housing all the way from the shifters. 

- If running a front deraileur, please ensure that you select a front deraileur with the cable stop built in.


Frame features

- hydroformed downtube adds strength, front end rigidity.

- 3/2.5 titanium seamless tubing is your friend.


Recommended fork

- axel to crown is 511mm. We've designed this frame around the use of a suspension fork.

- The Rockshox Bluto and Manitou Mastadon Pro are a great match for the Trail geometry of our FATbikes. The best choice is either 100mm or 120mm travel. (but if you want to run the 5.05" front tyre then you need to stick to the Manitou Mastodon EXT )

- if you'd prefer the option of a rigid fork, then you should look at our Djune Trail ti fork. It's spaced with a 150mm axle. So you can swap the same front wheel between your suspension fork, and your Djune rigid fork.



- Polished finish with subtle sanded graphics. Nothing gaudy here.

- scuff it up? get some wet and dry and fix it. No sweat.



- Available in 14" (XS) - 16" (S) - 18" (M) - 20" (L) - 22" (XL) (for full geometry, click here)



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