Telegraph Post ti seatpost - AUD$199

The Telegraph Post's ti construction gives the post an unparalleled ride. A supremely compliant feel that simply can't be matched. Now we're the first to admit that titanium is a little heavier than say... carbon, but its longevity is amazing. This seatpost will continue to ride and look good for years to come.


In addition, titanium takes the edge off smaller fatigue inducing corrugations and bumps. Nothing rides like titanium.

Titanium is an amazing  material for a seatpost as it is light, strong and delivers an amazing amount of comfort thanks to its in-built compliance. The Telegraph Post give a smooth ride only surpassed by the Thudbuster suspension post.

At 400mm long with a 20mm layback, the Telegraph Post is manufactured of 3/2.5 seamless Aerospace grade titanium. Available in 27.2 and 31.6 diameters

Perfect for marathon or endurance riders and all, or multi, day epics. 

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