29" & 27.5" [Ti] forks - AUD$399

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note: all fork images currently show the original diameter fork models. New 31.8mm leg images are coming soon.

ok, sit down and relax... (grab a beer... this may take a while)


We're changing all the designations for forks. (well the non-fat ones at least)

This is mainly because everyone (well it sure seemed like "everyone"), wanted a combination that we didn't (officially) offer "off the shelf".


(plus many forks were very similar and there were overlapping models)

Basically the new terminology will refer to the fork 1st by axle to crown length and then by wheelsize/axle spacing.

for example... a 27.5+ fork might be:

475/boost this is derived from...

475 (mm from axle to crown)
Boost (110/15 thru axle with clearance for up to 3.0" tyres) or 100 (std 100mm axle spacing)

While a 29+/29" (previously Mungo) fork would become:
483 100 or 

483 Boost


So, an Innamincka (29er) specific fork would be the exact same fork as above. (depending on the design of the frame and the axle to crown it is designed for) The only difference is extra tyre/mud clearance and the axle to crown is identical.

So from now on, all forks (non-fat ones at least) will have clearance for plus (+) sized tyres up to 3.0" wide on up to 55mm (OD) wide rims. If you're running narrower rims and say... 2.25" tyres... then you'll have mud clearance to spare!

Going forward, all mounts will be the standard 6 pack that we have been running for almost 2 years now (with things like barrel or lowrider mounts by request)

does that make some sense?

Our new 29" and 27.5" forks are available in a variety of semi-custom options. See below.

(refer to the left for an explanation of this in more detail)





3/2.5 seamless Aerospace grade titanium


Steerer options

STD: 1 1/8"-1.5" tapered steerer

OPTION: 1 1/8" straight steerer


Leg diameter

*new* 31.8mm diameter legs.

the larger diameter legs reduce much of the flex from the earlier fork while still maintaining most of the comfort and natural material compliance that titanium offers. The ti construction gives the fork a noticably compliant feel that takes the edge off corrugations and bumps. 


Axle spacing options

1) 100/15 thru axle

2) 110/15 Boost thru axle

Included 15mm bolt up axle

3) 100/QR (AUD$349)


Disc mount

IS std, front disc offset


Tyre clearance

All forks can take up to 3,0" tyres on up to 55mm rims


Fork mounts

STD: 6-pack mounts

(2 x sets of triple cage mounts on each leg)


front lower and upper barrel style rack mounts

lowrider rack or fender mounts by request



a variety of axle to crown lengths are available.

With the most common being:

475mm - suits 27.5+ or 29" 80mm suspension corrected
483mm - suits 29" or 29+ 100mm suspension corrected

perfect for 100mm suspension corrected 29ers (like our Innamincka frame) or 29+ frames (like our Mungo or Borroloola)

495mm - suits 29"+ or 29+ 120-130mm suspension corrected



various, however the 483mm weighs 815g with 240mm uncut steerer

NEW FORK LOGOS DETAILS - 27.5 - 29 only