which FATbike is right for me?

 While many companies are now rushing to add a token FATbike to their range, Muru currently offers five  (yes... 5) full FAT frames. (and 10 different build kits, plus various customisation options) Each frame has unique features and each has it's own special reason for being in our range. So let's look at them.


All our frames usually fall into one of two catagories. (and sometimes... both)



                                          rated frames and bikes are our expedition level models. The geometry has been optimised for long days in the saddle and expedition style riding. Typically they run rigid forks and are designed for adventure and all terrain use.



                                     rated frames and bikes are intended more for singletrack and trail riding.  (regular mountain biking) The geometry will be a little snappier. They are usually designed around fitment of a suspension fork. (the exception being the Mungo)


This doesn't mean that you can't rail the singletrack on a model that is designated "Overlander". Nor does it mean that you can't load up the bikepacking gear and hit the expedition tracks on a "Trail" model. We're just saying that each model is designed with "more" of the end use in mind. Where your Muru takes you... is totally up to you.




170mm rear spacing. 100mm bottom bracket. Can clear a 4.5" rear tyre mounted to

80mm wide rims with a 2 x 10 drivetrain.  This is our 'workhorse" frame with clean

classic lines. Can run the new Rohloff XL hub with optional rocker upgrade.




also with 170mm rear spacing. 100mm bottom bracket. Can clear a 4.5" rear tyre

mounted to 80mm wide rims with a 2 x 10 drivetrain. Now has a modified downtube

to run a suspension fork and Muru rocker rear dropouts. Geometry has been

optimised to suite a 100-120mm suspension fork. Can run the new Rohloff XL hub.


BOTH the Witjira frames will run a Shimano or SRAM 2 x 10 drivetrain with no

problems and have clearance for up to a 4.5" tyre on an 80mm rim.


BOTH the Witjira frames work brilliantly with a SRAM 1 x 11 drivetrain.  With

the single front chainring you can *just* run a 4.8" Lou tyre on an 80mm rim.  

We're now offering both a SRAM X1 and an X01 build.


NOTE: the Surly BFL and the Vee Tyre Snowshoe, despite being labled as 4.7"

are really more like 4.5".




now we get crazy. Running with a 135mm rear spacing and offsetting the frame

28mm to the right. Why? well, (originally) IG (internally geared) hubs were only

available in 135mm spacing. (Rohloff have just release a new 170mm spaced XL

model) But to get the chain from the front chainring, to the back cog, means

getting past the tyre. And that is no easy feat. By offsetting the frame

28mm, we create the clearance to run up to 4.8" wide tyres on 80mm wide

rims. Because of all the bending, the Finke frame has a little more compliance, 

100mm bottom bracket.


The Finke can also be ordered with a belt-drive style rear frame joiner.


The Finke was really developed for one reason. To run a Rohloff hub in a FATbike.

(well... that's the reason that we did it)




So take the Tanami and optimise the geometry to suite a 100-120mm travel

suspension FATfork.


Then we shape the downtube to allow more weld surface and a stiffer front end.


Welcome to the Tanami Trail.



ok. new territory. Now concept entirely.

We're not quite ready to talk about the Canning just yet as it's in the final

design and testing stages.

All we can say for now is... CHECK THIS SPACE!

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